Oliver.jpgOur 2nd grade students in Roanoke County Schools, Roanoke, VA have been reading the book, The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman by Darcy Pattison. It's a story about a wooden man, Oliver K. Woodman, that is sent from an Uncle in Rock Hill, SC to his niece in Redcrest, CA. Oliver moves from place to place in the book through the kindess of strangers who pick him and and help him travel all the way across the United States.

After reading the book and participating in some activities with it, we decided it would be fun for the students to send their own Oliver on a journey. Since students have also been learning about geocaching, we decided to tie the two things together and create a traveling Oliver K. Woodman geobug. We planted him at a local tourist spot, and hope to map him as he makes his way across the United States to Redcrest, CA. Just like in the book, we are counting on the kindness of strangers to move him from one geocache to another. If you run across him, please help us by moving him along. The students would also love to see pictures of his travels!oliverk.jpg

As he moves, the classes will use their mapping skills to follow him, and hopefully learn a little of geography. We'll also be interested in what types of communities he move through (urban, suburban, or rural).

Visit Oliver's page on www.geocaching.com

If you've found him and would like to share more information about his travels with us, please contact one of us!

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