Here's some pictures of our Oliver K. Woodman Geobug.

Classes that are following his trip:

Sending Oliver K. Woodman Travel Bug on his way:

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Pictures and Notes from Places Oliver has Traveled

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August 7
We went out on a rainy day and found a little wood guy!
May 10
Darn the luck. If I wasn't pulling a trailer right now, I'd stop at the library and grab this guy since it's going to my cache in California. I'm at the Meteor Crater RV Park where he was recently sighted.

May 4
Placing TB in the Flagstaff Public Library

March 25
Visiting Meteor crater center
March 24
Will take Oliver to the Crater's Vistor center for a picture at the crater. The Kids can learn more
by reviewing the Earthcache GCQJTA or at web site

March 19 (Oliver visits the Grand Canyon)
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March 12
Found Oliver in GC15TM7, Travel Bug Tavern II
Oliver is traveling once again and should arrive at his next layover next week.
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January 30-March 12 (Oliver went missing!!)

Jan. 23, 2010
Oliver Participated in a Sherwood Forest Event!
Check out the pictures here! Sherwood Forest Event Pictures

Dec. 17, 2009:
Oliver was dropped off at this nice Travel Bug Inn, complete with a hot tub!
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Dec. 13, 2009:
Awesome cache! Needed to get one "Oliver Woodman" to the west coast, he is headed to CA, I got him a while back in Roanoke, VA and thought I had dropped him off, but found him in the bottom of the caching backpack and fortunately had a trip to Portland, so I could get him a bit further west.
Awesome that the property owners support our game in this fashion, very cool.
Thanks for the great stop!
ClanofAndersons - Aurora, CO (Oregon 2254.5mi NW)
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Oliver stayed in PDX Travelbug Embassy near an airport. This type of cache is called a Travelbug hotel. It's placed near the airport so lots of travelbugs can move in and out of it quickly.

October 28, 2009:
Very cool TB - My son did a similar project for the book "Flat Stanley" only his travels were primarily done by mail and in the car. I'll attach some pictures from that project, I took the flat guys to the top of a wind turbine in Wyoming where I was working at the time.
Hope your Oliver has the same good luck on his adventures across the country! His first stop will get him half way there, I will be taking him home to the Denver area and will take some pictures there as well, perhaps if the flat stanley can be located it would be a great photo opportunity! :-)
Thanks for sharing this project, the cache he was in was a lot of fun to get to at night!
Clan of Andersons - Aurora, CO